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Hey all you dog lovers! Welcome to SayTreats. My name is Cara and my pup goes by the name Dixie. We are best friends. In October of 2010 we decided to create this site. The idea was simple. People often say cheese just before the camera flashes. We prefer to say treats. SayTreats, one extremely cute pup posted daily.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chikeetha, submitted by Gowri.  


SayTreats said...

Look at those sweet puppy dog eyes! So cute! Thanks for sharing this picture with us Gowri!

Anonymous said...

aww look at chikeetha, she's now healthy and happy! she was initially a stray dog and was abused badly, someone poured hot water to its body(it was really bad) and gowri took her in, take care of her until now she's so sweet and happy!

im proud to be your friend, gowri, cheekitha! ;)

shahirah nasir

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